Tennis meeting highlights – July 2018

Tennis Report July 2018


Tennis committee meeting 16.07.18

Present: Neil Flanagan, Russell May, Keith Douglas, Jo White, Geoff Burch


Apologies: Bev Cabot, Maxine Coates


Neil Flanagan shared with the meeting that Linda Lyons had resigned her secretary role. Neil thanked Linda for her detailed minutes and stated he was happy to minute the future meetings.

Actions arising from the last meeting on 11.06.18

  • Website tutorial files have now been produced by Alan Kirk.
  • Russell has given Keith Douglas the tutorial he requested on the website editor
  • Geoff Burch is actively searching for a replacement junior chairperson. He has a candidate in mind and is just checking the persons availability.
  • Keith Douglas has been confirmed as the tournament organiser for the Junior Tournament 2019.
  • Neil will gather feedback from social tennis members on Wednesday 18.07.18
  • New trophies to be sourced from Vinegar Hill potter. RM has made contact just waiting for quote and design.
  • GBTW staffed up from 9 am till 3 pm. Press release sent to Dee Flanagan at the Advertiser
  • Email sent out re Charity Tournament by Neil. Currently no takers. Neil will run the tournament again if no one comes forward.

Section reports


  • Russell identified that this was the last week of junior coaching. Starts again on the 10th of September 2018. Red groups are proving very popular.
  • In September the Club will run 2 red groups and then orange and green. Junior coaching is going very well with Mike and Russell.


  • All the usual activities had taken place and planning was well under way for the junior tournament. 20 entries so far which was very good for this time of the year.
  • Geoff was checking on cap sizes and costs for the 80th celebratory tennis cap for all competitors.
  • Keith Douglas has volunteered to take over the organising of the junior tournament.
  • Geoff is still sourcing a junior organiser/chairperson replacement. Currently waiting to hear back from the potential candidate.


  • All summer fixtures are taking place as planned. No problems


  • Team training numbers for June were 17. 12 ladies and 5 men.
  • Discussion around winter teams and squad sizes. A decision was made to keep running men’s 3 and look at the ladies 3 squad size.
  • Notes were distributed from the team training meeting held on the 29th of June 2018.

Tuesday morning ladies

  • Feedback from Max that it was going very well with good attendance.


Social tennis

  • Neil to gather feedback on Wednesday 18th of July. Other feedback requested from committee members if they can attend other sessions. Neil to talk to Sue Donkin re rusty racquets attendance and standard. Neil to send email reminding tennis club members of the various club sessions during the week.


Specific agenda items

  • Club Tournament: Draw complete and up and running. The draw and seeding were completed by Russell and John Cliff. Organisation for the day is arranged.
  • BBQ will be fired up by Chuck and helpers. Neil to check on club BBQ and requirements from helpers re meat and salads etc. Sign-up sheet to be put up by Russell.
  • Assistant coach update - Neil identified that at the moment the Club was not advertising for an assistant coach. Currently all coaching had been covered by Ros and Mike. Both very experienced and highly qualified coaches.
  • GBTW All planned and manned.
  • Touch tennis tournament - TBA
  • Champion of Champions – In hand with entries agreed on and sent into the county organiser.


Date of next meeting 22nd of September at 3.00 pm



  • Russell resigned at his Head Coach agreement meeting with Neil.
  • Updated job description and person specs agreed with John and Bev on Thursday 26thof July.
  • Head Coach advert place with the LTA on Friday 27thof July. Advertised on their website on Friday 27thof July with closing date of 24thof August for applications.
  • Russell will work until 9thof Sept 2018.
  • Neil has met with Mike and Ros and they are both keen to continue coaching at the club.
  • Neil sent email to all members re Russell resignation and plans to hold farewell to Russell at Club finals day BBQ on the 1stof Sept.


Neil Flanagan