Tennis meeting highlights – October 2018


Tennis Report Oct 2018


Minutes for Saturday 22ndof September at 3.00 pm.


  1. Apologies for absence Bev Cabot, Keith Douglas


  1. Actions arising from the last meeting on 16.07.18


· Website tutorial files produced by Alan and sent to web editors by Neil Flanagan

· Keith Douglas has had his tutorial for the website editor

· Hyperlink button now added to the web editor dashboard. Neil Flanagan

· Ian Morley is the new Junior Section rep

· Keith Douglas is confirmed as tournament organiser for the Junior Tournament

· Charity Tournament run by Neil Flanagan



  1. Section Reports


  • Coaching
  • Presentation from Rob on proposed new tennis programme
  • Rob gave a verbal presentation of the proposed new adult programme that he and Ros will launch in October. Rob will send a copy of the proposed programme to tennis committee members for comments. Rob has really enjoyed his first 3 weeks. Action Rob Negus. Action completed. More tweaks to add before launch.
  • Rob has tweaked start times with parents and group sessions based on feedback and introduced registers and sign in sheets.
  • Rob has introduced cardio tennis at £5.00 per 45 mins session and group coaching sessions are £9.00 per 90 mins. Individual lessons are £25.00 per hour. Junior group sessions funded by the Club are £25.00 per hour.
  • Rusty racquets proposed name change to Tennis Xpress in line with LTA
  • Rob and Ros are also proposing a grading system to offer weekly team sessions to similar standard players. Action Rob Negus and Ros Clark. Action ongoing
  • Proposal that the Club will buy a stringing machine and Rob will offer members stringing service. Neil Flanagan to get agreement from management committee. Action completed. Machine bought and installed at club.
  • Rob will offer retail service for members. Action Rob Negus. Action ongoing
  • Rob will communicate with his various groups via WhatsApp. Also needs to communicate via MailChimp. Action Rob Negus Action completed.
  • Juniors
  • Geoff Burch will be meeting with Ian Morley to hand over and brief Ian on future events. Rob Negus will attend this meeting with Geoff and Ian.
  • Fixtures
  • Mick Long has organized all the Winter fixtures. No issues yet.
  • Teams
  • Team training numbers were 19. All teams organized and captains briefed.
  • Tuesday morning ladies
  • 38 signed up for the Christmas dinner. Some old faces have stopped coming but new members have joined the Tuesday group. Numbers are good.


  • Social tennis
  • Numbers are good. No issues currently.



  1. Specific agenda items requested


  • Club tournament and Club finals day review.
  • Neil to circulate numbers from this year and put forward proposal for 2019 at the tennis AGM. Neil to circulate to tennis committee members. Action Neil Flanagan. Action completed and positive feedback from the AGM to move forward with proposed format and schedule for Club Championships 2019.
  • Tennis AGM – October 13that 17.00
  • Neil to send out proposed agenda and request for various reports. Rob to be introduced to membership and outline his ideas and services he will provide. Action Neil. Action completed with successful AGM on the October 13thwith 35 attendees and 12 apologies for absence.
  • Charity tournament – October 5th
  • All organized. 28 signed up with reserves. John Cliff is running the tournament and Neil is organizing food etc. Action Neil. Action completed. £900 raised so far for Prostate Cancer UK.
  • Rosemerryn Bowl and Christmas meal
  • Neil to check with Quattro catering to check on numbers and price. Action Neil. Action to complete.




  1. AOB and date of next meeting
  • Trophies need to be engraved and Neil to source results from John Cliff. Action NF. Action to complete.


Date of next meeting Tuesday 27thof November at 7.30 pm