Tennis AGM 2019 Report

Tennis Chairman Report 2019

  • Good evening. Thank you for attending this annual event which is designed to give both a report on the year 2018-19 but more importantly to give club members the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to the tennis committee on any ways that the Club can improve the resources or functions of the tennis section.
  • There are no formal rules or regulations governing this meeting, unlike the full Club AGM held yearly in May. I propose to give an overview of the past year and any plans for next year. Introduce our new Head Coach Ros Clark and then we will have reports from the various area of the tennis section. Then I will ask for your feedback on the format of our Club Championships, the tennis programme and then the floor will be open for questions and feedback.
  • I have been tennis chairman for a three-year cycle now and I have really enjoyed the role. I would like to formally thank my fellow tennis committee members for their support and hard work organising and running the various functions of the tennis section.
  • The tennis committee is comprised of:
  • Secretary now a vacant position
  • Mens Captain Keith Douglas
  • Ladies Captain Joanna White
  • Juniors Rep Ian Morley
  • Social Tennis rep Bev Cabot
  • Tuesday Ladies rep Max Coakes
  • Monday Mens rep Stuart Brown
  • Club Coach Ros Clark
  • At the Tennis AGM in 2018 I reported that the tennis membership had remained stable at around 400 players including well over 100 Juniors. As of the 2nd of October 2019, our membership numbers are as follows: - 439 tennis members, 337 adult tennis members and 102 junior tennis members. During this and next year more, new members will join nudging up the membership to around 440-450 tennis members by 2020. In total the club currently has 638 members comprised of 131 bridge/social, 417 tennis members, 68 squash and racket ball members and 22 tennis and Squash and Racketball. There are 245 male members and 284 female numbers and 109 juniors. My thanks to our membership secretary John Richards for this detailed information and the support given to the tennis section by the main Club committee.
  • The Club has successfully run our 2 annual LTA tournaments. The Veterans tournament in April and the Junior tournament in August. Both tournaments raised additional income for the club and kept the high profile of the club as an excellent venue for regional and national events. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both organising committees under the leadership of Keith Douglas and Jo White/Alan Gordon for producing excellent tournaments and also all the club members who helped out at these tournaments to facilitate their smooth running and John Cliff for refereeing both tournaments.
  • The Club Championships came to a head-on finals day in September with a very busy day of finals concluded with a BBQ. I would formally like to thank Ros Clark for all her hard work and John Cliff for refereeing the tournament and keeping all the finalists on track. Thanks to Jim Bays, Jenny and Mick Garfath for manning the bar and Bev Cabot and Max Coakes for providing refreshments during the day. Thanks to Chris Cabot for producing excellent courts and grounds for finals day but also for maintaining the courts and club grounds throughout the year. Thanks to our BBQ team of Tim Clark and family for providing an excellent spread. Thanks to individual members who provided BBQ food and sweets for over 50 members. A great night to celebrate a very successful Club Championships.
  • The Club ran a variety of internal singles, American tournaments and junior tennis events during the year. The Rosemerryn Bowl took place with a full draw of 28 players. 14 men and 14 ladies with Steve Read and Bev Cabot coming out as our winners for2018.This was followed by our very successful Christmas lunch produced by Quatro Catering (Marilyn Whyte) providing an excellent traditional Christmas meal. I have booked Quatro Catering for this year’s Christmas lunch. The 2018 annual charity tournament in aid of Prostate Cancer UK produced a total of just over £1000 and the 2019 charity tournament in aid of Canine Partners raised just under £500.
  • The 2019 charity tournament was run by Liz Downs for her chosen charity Canine Partners.
  • Resources – Due to excellent membership numbers the Club is able to keep reinvesting in Club facilities. We are putting in an additional £7000 per year into the club sinking fund to cover the cost of purchasing new LED floodlights in the next 7-8 years. The Club currently sets aside £26k per year into the sinking fund to resurface our courts (£19k) and (£7k) to provide new LED lighting in 7-8 years’ time.
  • Resources – During the Spring and early summer 5-6 tons of top-dressing sand was applied to courts 1-3 and 4 and 7 to keep the level of sand high enough so that the pile in the artificial surface would not bend over and become weak. A huge thanks to Alan Gordon, Chris Cabot and his band of volunteers who transported and brushed 5 tons of sand into our courts. This will provide a strong foundation for our courts over the next few years.
  • The Club is developing its website but this is work in progress and the Club Facebook page is gaining more views and the content is being developed by the Club editors. If any member has an interest in web design or social media the committee would be very keen to gain support and expertise to develop these areas further.
  • Ros Clark our new Head Coach was appointed on the 1st of June following Rob Negus’s departure. Ros has introduced a new adult and junior coaching programme and she has also opened a club shop where she is providing balls, rackets, clothing, tennis shoes and accessories for sale alongside a racket restringing service. Please support Ros with her new commercial ventures.
  • In conclusion, I would like to thank all the members of the Club for producing such a friendly and positive environment for tennis at Milford. The support I have had from my committee and club members has been fantastic and we have all pulled together to provide excellent facilities and tennis events that I hope have proved to be very popular and enjoyable for our members.

Ros Clark – Coach Introduction

Juniors Section – Ian Morley

Junior Section Report for AGM 12.10.2019

  • The Junior section is made up of the Mini Tennis category (ages 4 to 10) and the Junior Tennis category (ages 11 to 16). Junior membership has remained broadly in line with previous years at 102 Junior Tennis members.
  • The club provides a weekly (term time) programme of group tuition to all ages and is open to both members and non-members. Attendance has remained consistent and for this we are very grateful to Ros Clark and her team for ensuring the continued delivery of this programme following a period of some adjustment.
  • I now look forward to working with Ros and her team to boost junior numbers and weekly attendance at sessions. We aim to introduce more children to tennis and also to help develop those who already play.
  • I have appointed a new Junior Tennis committee whom I hope will help to strategise a more vibrant and sociable Junior section for both junior players and parents. One new initiative that I hope will help in this respect is the Friday Junior Club afternoon. We have scheduled 2hrs from 4:30 – 6:30 on a Friday afternoon on courts 1-3 for this purpose.
  • I would also like to thank Keith Douglas and all those involved in delivering another successful Junior Open Tournament held at MTSC this August.

Ian Morley

Fixture Report 2019

Summer 2019

  • 107 matches scheduled across the various Dorset and Hampshire leagues – an increase on last summer due to the new Ladies 4 team, and the re-introduction of Mens Vets 2.
  • Due to the number of matches, and the need to reserve some weekends for Aegon Junior matches, Tuesday nights are now a regular match slot for home matches, along with Thursday nights, Saturday and Sunday mornings and the occasional Sunday afternoon.
  • The poor weather in June led to an unusually high level of weather reschedules – 21 matches, almost 20% of all fixtures. One Hants league match was rescheduled 3 times!
  • Thanks to the captains for being flexible on dates for the reschedules.

Winter 2019

  • 83 matches scheduled for the Dorset leagues, again an increase over last year.
  • Matches only just under way – despite the poor weather, the first couple of matches have already been played.

Other notes

  • The usual reminder that once we’re into the season, any match reschedules should strictly speaking only be done due to unplayable conditions, not specific player availability.
  • Just for information, it is now necessary to log onto the Dorset League website in order to see the contact details of opposing team captains.

Dorset LTA have introduced this restriction in line with GDPR, to avoid personal email addresses and phone numbers being published on publicly - accessible websites.

Our team captains know the logon credentials – the same as used for entering match results.

Happy playing!

Mick Long

Captain’s Report for Tennis AGM October 2019

We are pleased to welcome Ros Clark as the new Tennis professional and we are all delighted to see the return of Anita Pearce to the coaching team. We start the winter season in good shape with 3 Dorset Mens teams, 2 Dorset Mens veterans teams, 5 Dorset ladies teams, 2 daytime teams, a veterans team plus 3 mixed teams. Tuesday ladies morning continues to flourish as does the Mens Monday evening tennis – and with its new start time of 5pm, we hope to see this continue. Ros and the new coaching team have had a positive impact on players at all levels. It is really good to see more team players coming to Friday team practices more regularly. For the winter team players will be able to take advantage of 2 coach led Friday team training events a month. A regular meeting with the Team Captains at the end /start of each season is becoming the norm. We look at how things had gone over the season and to review squads for the next season. The resulting squads now look forward to a winter of keen competition.

A brief run-down of results over the summer:

Ladies 1 finished 2nd in Div 1

Ladies 2 just missed out on promotion to Div 1

Ladies 3 had a good season finishing in mid table

The new Ladies 4 team gained some great experience.

Ladies Vets playing home and away the team came up against some strong opposition.

Ladies 60’s – this league could do with a few more clubs to enter but gives some summer daytime matches. The team had both a winning draw and a losing draw to finish in 3rd place.

Mixed 1 won the division and will return to Div 1 next summer

Mixed 2- finished in 3rd place

Mixed 3 – return to Div 3 having finished in 2nd place

In the Hampshire Leagues the 3 pair team have bounced back into Div 2 having lost only 1 match to a strong Totton team

In the 50’s league the team narrowly avoided relegation and we will seek to strengthen this team next year.

Mens 1 finished 8th in Div 1 and were relegated

Mens 2 finished 6th in Div 2

Mens 3 finished 3rd in Div 5

Mens vets 1 finished 1st in Div 2 and are promoted

Mens vets 2 finished 5th in Div 2

Mens Team Tennis - We once again entered a Mens team in the Hampshire team tennis league this summer. They finished 2nd in division 2 having been promoted the previous year from division 3.

Last Winter:

Ladies 3 gained promotion and finished top of Div 4

Ladies 2 found Div 1 hard and were relegated to Div 2

Ladies 1 finished just clear of relegation

Ladies Vets team finished in 3rd place in division where the age range of the opposition is getting younger

Mixed 3 consolidated their position in Div 3 finishing in mid table. Mixed 2 bounced back up to Div 1 finishing second to Dorchester

Mixed 1 consolidated their position in Div 1 finishing in mid table.

Mens 1 remained in Div 1 having finished 5th

Mens 2 remained in Div 2 having finished 5th

Mens 3 remained in Div 4 having finished 7th

Mens vets 1 remained in Div 1having finished 5th

Mens vets 2 remain in Div 2

In the ladies daytime leagues both teams battled well. There was a move to change the format to a single division but in the end the participating clubs decided to maintain the 2 divisions and a home and away format. We welcome MC Morley as a new Captain for the Ladies 2 team for the winter.

This league gives ladies a great opportunity for daytime winter tennis.

For the men, we are delighted to have Tim Clark captaining Mens 3 for a second season with him having taken over in the summer; we also welcome Steve Middle who has stepped up to captain Mens 2 following the injury to Mike Rose. A special mention must go to Steve Read for stepping in and captaining Mens 2 during Mikes initial injury break through the summer; finally, a welcome to Steve Lea as captain of the Mens vets 2 for the winter, taking over from Stuart Atkins. It is good to see new faces coming through to act as team captains.

A big thank you to all members who played in 1 or more of the 15 ladies/Mens or mixed teams that the club fielded during the summer and winter seasons. I know Captains are very grateful too to those players who even if not named in a squad turn out when they are needed. A thank you too to the captains of the teams and Mick Long who arranges all the fixtures. In all some 78(34 men and 44 ladies) members represented the club in matches against clubs in Dorset and Hampshire.

Thinking to the future we are keen to build on the competitive strength of the club and this brings some challenges. We don’t believe that entering more teams in the lower divisions is the way forward, not least because we are at the limit of court availability for league fixtures. Rather, we see the different teams as a means to develop players. This will involve increased movement between squads as new players join and current player’s skills increase, and more in- club opportunities for players to play in competitive events as well as looking to the external leagues for match play. Playing for the club is an honour not a right.

We do see that the Hampshire leagues offer an opportunity for match play and with Ros we will be reviewing were we look to be involved in these. It is important for the club and its best players that they are visible in Hampshire as well as Dorset as it is via this route that they can be noticed within the County and get the opportunity to be considered for a county squad.

We hope all who have played for the club enjoyed their experience and wish to continue. This helps bolster our reputation as a club that is both friendly and competitive.

Club Championships and adult programme feedback

  • Questions and feedback from the floor.