Tennis AGM 2018 Report

Tennis Chairman’s Report 2018


  • Good evening. Thank you for attending this annual event which is designed to give both a report on the year 2017-18 but more importantly to give club members the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to the tennis committee on any ways that the Club can improve the resources or functions of the tennis section.
  • There are no formal rules or regulations governing this meeting, unlike the full Club AGM held yearly in May. I propose to give an overview of the past year and any plans for next year. Introduce our new Head Coach Rob Negus and then we will have reports from the various area of the tennis section. Then I will ask for your feedback on the format of our Club Championships and then the floor will be open for questions and feedback.
  • I have been tennis chairman for a two-year cycle now and I have really enjoyed the role. I would like to formally thank my fellow tennis committee members for their support and hard work organising and running the various functions of the tennis section.
  • The tennis committee is comprised of:


  • Secretary Linda Lyons – now a vacant position
  • Men’s Captain Alan Gordon – Keith Douglas
  • Ladies Captain Joanna White
  • Juniors Rep Geoff Burch – Ian Morley
  • Social Tennis rep Bev Cabot
  • Tuesday Ladies rep Max Coates
  • Monday Men’s rep Stuart Brown
  • Club Coach Russell May – Rob Negus


  • At the Tennis AGM in 2017 I reported that the tennis membership had remained stable at around 450 players including well over 120 Juniors. As of the 10th of October 2018, our membership numbers are as follows: - 415 tennis members, 320 adult tennis members and 95 junior tennis members. During this and next year more, new members will join nudging up the membership to around 420-430 tennis members by 2019. In total the club currently has 609 members comprised of 120 bridge/social, 397 tennis members, 74 squash and racket ball members and 18 tennis and Squash and Racketball. There are 234 male members and 272 female numbers and 103 juniors. My thanks to our Club chairman and membership secretary John Richards for this detailed information and the support given to the tennis section by the main Club committee.
  • The Club has successfully run our 2 annual LTA tournaments. The Veterans tournament in April and the Junior tournament in August. Both tournaments raised additional income for the club and kept the high profile of the club as an excellent venue for regional and national events. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both organising committees under the leadership of Geoff Burch and Jo White/Alan Gordon for producing excellent tournaments and also all the club members who helped out at these tournaments to facilitate their smooth running and John Cliff for refereeing both tournaments.
  • The Club Championships came to a head-on finals day in September with a very busy day of finals concluded with a BBQ and leaving ceremony for Russell May. I would formally like to thank Russell for all his hard work and John Cliff for refereeing the tournament and keeping all the finalists on track. Thanks to Jenny and Mick for manning the bar and refreshments. Thanks to Bob Hillyer and Chris Cabot for producing excellent courts and grounds for finals day but also for maintaining the courts and club grounds throughout the year. I would like to thank all club members for their generosity by providing a great send off for Russell on final’s day night but also the wonderful cash gift of £1,154 that we were able to give Russell. Thanks to our BBQ team of Chuck and Tim Clark and Lee for providing live music on the night. Thanks to individual members who provided BBQ food and sweets for over 80 members. A great night to say good bye to Russell for his 18 years of service at the Club.
  • The Club ran a variety of internal singles, American tournaments and touch tennis events during the year. The Rosemerryn Bowl was rescheduled due to atrocious weather but the Christmas lunch was very successful with Quatro Catering (Marilyn Whyte) providing an excellent traditional Christmas meal. I have booked Quatro Catering for this year’s Christmas lunch. The 2017 annual charity tournament in aid of Prostate Cancer UK produced a total of just over £1000 and this year the current total raised for Prostate Cancer UK is standing at over £900. Hopefully we can nudge that to a £1000 by the end of this month.
  • A huge thanks to Helen Clarke for providing the salads, Joan Green for couscous, Di Clark for providing beautiful deserts and John Cliff for running the tournament draw and my mother in law for manning the kitchen during the day. Plus, all the members who gave raffle prizes for the day. I would also like to thank Dominos pizzas for supporting our event by providing cut prize pizzas. Again, with the men organising the event this year we had to have ‘Pizza” as part of the culinary offer!! The 2019 charity tournament will be run by Liz Downs for her chosen charity Canine Partners.
  • Resources – Due to excellent membership numbers the Club is able to keep reinvesting in Club facilities. New igniters have been installed on Courts 1,2,3,4 and 7 and the Club has ordered a wooden flat roofed gazebo that will be installed in early November next to court 7. This will be used by parents to watch and monitor their children during junior coaching and playing sessions throughout the winter due to Milford’s variable weather conditions.
  • The Club is developing its website but this is work in progress and the Club Facebook page is gaining more views and the content is being developed by the Club editors. If any member has an interest in web design or social media the committee would be very keen to gain support and expertise to develop these areas further.
  • Rob Negus our new Head Coach was appointed on Saturday 1stof September after a very in-depth interviewing procedure. Rob was selected from a short-listed field of 5 very experienced coaches. I would like to thank Club members for their involvement in the selection process and their feedback to the tennis and management committee during this period.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the members of the Club for producing such a friendly and positive environment for tennis at Milford. The support I have had from my committee and club members has been fantastic and we have all pulled together to provide excellent facilities and tennis events that I hope have proved to be very popular and enjoyable for our members.