History of the Club

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Tennis had been played for many years on Milford Recreation Ground when, in 1927 it was agreed a Tennis Club be formed to run the two grass tennis courts. A committee of 6 were appointed and this is when it all began.

Within 18 months dissatisfaction with the maintenance of the courts and the charges of the Sports Ground Trust caused a decision to try and move the Club from the Recreation Ground. On 13th November 1928 a lease was agreed for 99 years at an annual rent of £40 with an option to purchase for £900 1.75 acres of land in Lucerne Road, containing two hard courts, from the owner Lady Magnay. Milford Country Club had been established. Two grass courts were laid out and on 8th June 1929 a pavilion costing £478 was opened. Funds were provided by interest free loans from members. The first annual subscriptions were £2.10 for Tennis, £1.05 for Bridge and 62 for Social Membership and these rates remained for nearly 20 years.

The Milford Country Club was formed in 1927 and became a member of the L.T.A. in 1935, purchasing the freehold of its 1.8 acre site in Lucerne Road in 1945. Although tennis has always been the major sporting activity at the club, in the early years croquet and hockey were also played. In 1936 the first squash court was built on the site and in 1950 the Squash Club, previously a separate club, merged with the Country Club. The club originally had three grass courts and four hard courts and, during these early years, the members largely played social tennis with a limited number of matches being arranged with other local clubs. More recently, bridge, mah-jong and table tennis have also become important activities enjoyed by club members. 

In the late 1990’s, the Club changed its focus to include competitive tennis, thus providing opportunities for members of all abilities to participate in internal tournaments as well as in matches with neighbouring clubs. In 2001 the Club changed its name to the Milford Tennis and Squash Club and subsequently obtained the services of a full time tennis professional. All the courts have been resurfaced in recent years and the Club now possesses seven high quality artificial grass courts which are much admired by visiting players. Floodlights were installed on three of the courts in 2005 and two further courts last year. 

In 2007/8, the Club carried out major improvements to the Clubhouse which included providing new changing rooms, toilets and kitchen facilities as well as refurbishing the whole of the premises. The full cost of this was £140,000, all of which was met from Club funds. Unfortunately, on Boxing Day 2009, a devastating fire destroyed approximately 50% of the Club premises sparing only the new kitchen, showers and squash courts. In a little over a year, the Clubhouse was totally rebuilt using the money from the insurance claim, with an additional £29,000 from Club funds being used to completely transform th Clubhouse. The new Clubhouse was formally opened in February 2010 by Mark Cox, the former Davis Cup tennis player, and today the Club is fortunate to have a large function room, and lounge bar capable of hosting events for up to 60 people. 

The management of the club is in the hands of the Executive Committee, which consists of a President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and representatives of each of the Club’s main sections. The Club is run entirely on a voluntary basis and depends on the participation of a large number of the over 600 members. Social events are organised throughout the year and both internal and open tennis tournaments held regularly. 
Milford has always been a popular venue for junior tennis players and has, since 1938 hosted one of Hampshire’s largest Junior Tennis Tournaments, a fact of which it is very proud. We held our LTA 75th Diamond Anniversary tournament in 2013.
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In 2007 the original wooden Clubhouse, much patched up, was renovated at a cost of £142,000, funded by the membership incorporating new brick changing rooms and kitchen linked to the squash courts. The membership now of over 600 had little time to enjoy the benefits of their expenditure when on Boxing Day 2009, the renovated wooden Clubhouse burnt down in a major fire due to a suspected electrical fault, reported on television and witnessed by many distraught members. Fortunately, the Club was fully insured and with the addition of further funds the Clubhouse was rebuilt in brick with a new layout incorporating a delightful bar area, tiled roof and many other improvements to give us one of the best Clubhouses in the country. The re-build took 14 months with members using a temporary tent and meetings being held in local pubs and members’ homes. Then in February 2010, Mark Cox, the former Davis Cup tennis player, joined the Club members in a ceremony to re-open the Clubhouse. In 2011 3 courts, in 2013 2 courts and in 2016 the final 2 courts, were resurfaced with the latest hi-tech carpet. In 2013 an additional 2 courts were fitted with floodlights and in 2016 a Rebo Practice Wall was installed on Court 6. In 2017 both squash courts were completely refurbished. The Club is now 90 years old and still going strong with a membership of over 600!