To get your best results on the court , it is best to train with court specific exercises separate from your on court physical technical, tactical and mental training with your coach.

Please see below for examples of exercise to help with your court fitness.  You should aim to do strength and endurance in the autumn and winter seasons and speed and explosive exercises in the spring and summer when you have your matches.


The vital times to eat and drink on match day are at breakfast as this is when your burn most calories, at least an hour before your match and within an hour after your match.
Before match eat carbs pasta,rice,potato,cereal,beans, bananas,.
After match eat protein beans, eggs, meat, fish, cheeses , milk , yoghurt.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water the day before and on the day constantly sipping before, during and after your match. 

Food and water just in CASE.

Sandbag Taining

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