What is She Rallies?
The vision of ‘She Rallies’ is to attract and retain more women and girls tennis in the UK by inspiring and empowering a female workforce to create more opportunities for women and girls in tennis. It falls into the LTA’s four year Women and Girls Strategy, championed by Judy Murray, which aims to significantly increase female participation in tennis across the UK, by developing a female workforce. By rallying together, we’re aiming to create opportunities for women and girls of all ages and experiences to be involved in tennis.
From tennis coaches, to brownie leaders, She Rallies provides opportunities for women of all tennis levels across the UK to deliver tennis coaching. The programme will see Judy Murray and her team of female coaches, rallying women together across the UK and empowering them to deliver starter tennis for women and girls in their communities.
The programme will have four strands which represent four separate courses that can be delivered; lil Miss-Hits, 11+ education, fun days and recreational competition.

Monday 6.45 - 7.30pm