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As part of the rebuild, an access control system is being installed. When completed, access to the Club through the three main entrances – the front door, the middle door and the squash door will be by use of a “Fob”, (an electronically coded Key). 

It may be decided later to extend the system so that the fob will also be required to access the tennis courts.

Each fob will cost £7.50 and will be retained by members for the duration of their membership. To simplify distribution for the start of the system, 1 fob will be issued during November for each member’s address and the cost of £7.50 will be added to the subscription due from that address in May 2011. If additional fobs are required, they can be purchased from Russell May for £7.50 each.

A members’ fob will automatically be deactivated if his subscription has not been received by the Club by 31 May each year.

Subsequent payment of the subscription, (at the higher rate) will, of course allow the Fob to be reactivated.

Any Member not renewing his/her subscription (and therefore not paying for the fob), should return the fob to Russell  May or the Membership Secretary before 31 May 2011.

The above and many other minor changes represent a significant improvement in the facilities available to members and it is hoped that, when complete, all members will make use of, and enjoy, the ‘new’ Club House.