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As we approach the completion of work on our superb new Clubhouse, our Club faces a new set of problems.

We are a club run by the members for the members, but this can only continue if members are prepared to offer their services to help the club fulfill its obligations and meet the expectations of the members in general

For health and other reasons, several members of the Management Committee have expressed their wish to stand down from the Committee at the next A.G.M on30th April 2011, and we must havevolunteers to replace them.

We shall need a new Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Committee Leader and someone to maintain the courts and grounds. The people who have been doing this work, in some cases for the last 14 years, need to be given the opportunity to retire, but we must have people to replace them.

I appeal to any member with secretarial or administrative experience to consider taking on one of the positions listed above. Your Club needs you. If you are interested, or would like any further information, please talk to any member of the Management Committee, or contact me by telephone on 01425 – 613694, or email on

If we do not get volunteers for this work, the only option will be to have the work done by employing someone, or have it done by an agency. Either option would mean a significant increase in annual subscriptions.

Ken Burbidge.