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  • Starts: 9.00am - 13/08/2012
  • Ends: 5.00pm - 18/08/2012
  • Location: All Courts
Entry Form can be downloaded. On-line entry & payment can be carried out on the LTA web site using code: HAM107.
All courts are expected to be in use up to 6pm most days, for further information please contact the referee Diana Townsend on 01590 682436 or the tournament organiser Geoff Burch on 07813 016767.

Many thanks to our main sponsors:
Mackenzie & Mackenzie-Solent House Dental Surgery, Moore Blatch Solicitors.

Closing Date for Entries: 1st August 2012.

Boys Singles: 12s & 16s Monday & Wednesday
14s & 18s Tuesday & Thursday

Girls Singles:   12s & 16s Tuesday & Thursday
14s & 18s Monday & Wednesday

Green: Thursday

Doubles:   Start Wednesday

Red & Orange: Friday

All Finals:   Friday or Saturday

Play commencing: 9.30 am daily