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  • Starts: 12.00am - 04/10/2010
  • Ends: 11.59pm - 09/10/2010
  • Location: All Courts
Open Vets
October Monday 4th to Sat 9th, events are over 45 over 60 and 0ver 70..
Your contact is
Malcom Mecklenburgh ( see contacts)
We plan to run the Tournament from 4th to 9th October including, and for the first time an Over 70s event.   Weather permitting the schedule will be:

Monday 4th
Over 60 Men’s & Ladies Doubles
Tuesday 5th
Over 60 Mixed Doubles
Wednesday 6th
Over 60 Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Doubles Finals

Thursday 7th
Over 45 Men’s & Ladies Doubles, Over 70 Mixed Doubles
Friday 8th
Over 45 Mixed Doubles, Over 70 Men’s and Ladies Doubles
Saturday 9th
Over 45 and Over 70 Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Doubles Finals